Emma Williams


Emma has been integral to the success of Covid Aid, which is our first year have reached more than 100,000 people. As Head of Community she launched and has built our Support Community which within months now hosts 1-to-1 listening support, expert live Q&As, high-quality self-management courses, tailored support groups, in-depth resource packs, and much more.

Most importantly she has done so in collaboration with the community members, enabling and empowering them to lead the way while working tireless to ensure that all support and services are as accessible as possible – crucial for those with Long Covid who often experience cognitive difficulties and fatigue. Through her tireless efforts she has fostered a positive and collaborative spirit, which has extended to partnerships with the likes of Asthma & Lung UK, Cruse Bereavement Support, and others who have been inspired by the considered and methodical approach she has taken since day one. By doing so she has developed strategies and templates which can be employed by other third sector organisations, meaning we can act as a supportive platform for the charities whose resources have been continually stretched by the pandemic. Emma has been an inspiration for all involved with the charity.