Electrical Safety First Rebrand

Electrical Safety First

The rebrand not only modernised ESF's visual identity but also reflected our commitment to adapt to changing circumstances. With electricity playing an increasingly crucial role in daily life and safety concerns, ESF's new brand addresses contemporary

challenges while maintaining its core values.

The introduction of the strapline "Powering change + saving lives" encapsulates ESF's expanded mission and triple-approach strategy, emphasising the urgency and life-and-death nature of our work.

The rebrand has already proved effective in achieving key objectives and resonating with target audiences. The outcomes so far reflect the comprehensive approach taken and the strategic alignment with ESF's core values.

In line with ESF's core values of inclusivity and accessibility, the new brand underwent rigorous testing against DDA and W3C standards. Braille versions of the logotype were developed, ensuring that ESF's message is universally reachable, aligning with our commitment to ensuring safety for all individuals, regardless of ability.

Quantitative metrics, qualitative endorsements, and strategic adaptations underscore the resounding success of the rebrand in enhancing engagement with our target audiences and broader community. Our new forward-looking and inclusive visual identity makes us well-positioned to continue our mission of safeguarding lives and promoting electrical safety.