Eat Them to Defeat Them

Veg Power

Children in the UK aren’t eating enough vegetables. To help change this, Veg Power, the not-for-profit focused on increasing vegetable consumption, joined forces with ITV and created The Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign, combining the power of advertising with a schools’ programme. Developed to engage children on this topic in a fun and creative way it has involved a collaboration of creative talent, celebrity support, local government support, schools and catering companies. We created a positive buzz and a central narrative which is fun and, critically, puts the parents and kids on the same side. Our social media campaign convenes a highly diverse group including corporates, government, schools, celebrities and parents and focuses on collaboration and increasing activation in schools and at home. We united a core campaign idea around a hashtag driven by content created by the community and social media provides an affirmation network, where all the stakeholders convene, inspire and support each other. In the period of these awards 2,694 accounts posted 11,046 posts reaching 18.2m accounts giving 49m impressions. All of this has supported the success of the wider campaign - encouraging children to give veg a try!