EAAA Missions - turning mission data into stories that spark giving

If Give and East Anglian Air Ambulance

East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) supporters will be able to directly support life-saving missions each time a helicopter takes off thanks to an entirely new type of fundraising that promises to redefine the landscape of charitable giving.

The EAAA Missions app is a bold leap forward in donor interaction. It empowers supporters to become virtual participants in critical care operations by leveraging real-time data from life-saving missions. Every time an air ambulance is dispatched, supporters receive notifications, allowing them to make micro-donations linked directly to missions. This real-time engagement transforms passive support into active contributions.

The service exceeds expectations in an era when donors demand more personalised and impactful experiences. It transforms routine mission data into compelling stories that resonate with supporters. It enhances the link between the supporter and the crew and brings to life the difference their donation makes.

This innovation enhances donor satisfaction and sets a new standard for the entire sector. By integrating If Give’s cutting-edge technology with our fundraising strategies, EAAA is demonstrating how the third sector can adapt and thrive in a digital age. The smart donations model showcases the future of fundraising, where technology and empathy intersect to create powerful and lasting impact.