Dr Nihara Krause


At stem4, we believe there is no one more suited to receive this award than our CEO, Dr Nihara Krause, who has provided an exceptional and excellent service to improving teenage mental health in the UK and Internationally, taking the charity to a new level of impactful success last year. Having established the charity ten years ago when there was minimal focus on teenage mental health, she has been an absolute force in her vision and dedication to providing clinically safe resources to teenagers, parents and carers, schools, and primary health care workers. Creator of four mental health apps (fifth in development) downloaded extensively; a digital mental health literacy programme; numerous COVID-19 related resources translated into six languages, providing hundreds of talks/webinars; she focusses on evidence-based practice, co-creation, inclusion, diversity, those in need. She provides positive, practical, and effective strategies. The stem4 team has grown and flourished under her guidance and the charity punches way above its weight because of the enormous input, breadth of offers and dedication she offers. Whilst delivering on stem4’s strategic objectives, she helps the charity be responsive to need by providing original and impactful resources and has helped stem4 flourish, especially over the past year.