Dr Ava Easton

Encephalitis Society

Dr Ava Easton has personally transformed the Encephalitis Society from a small, local mutual support group into an award-winning, international organisation credited as the go-to resource for anyone needing help, information, or advice about encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). She is an encephalitis expert and passionate about making life better for those affected by this devastating condition and furthering our understanding of the condition. She combines visionary leadership with a high degree of emotional intelligence and compassion, demonstrated in the charity’s development and impact, the commitment of staff, trustees, and ambassadors to the cause, and the strong position the charity has remained in during the pandemic. Ava’s passion for and expertise in putting patient’s narratives and lived experience at the centre of the Encephalitis Society’s work has shaped everything from how we engage with research to how we provide a platform to those affected to share their stories.