Digital Transformation of Riders for Health

Two Wheels for Life

Imagine being sick and the only way of reaching medical care being to walk, travel bumpy roads on a donkey cart or pushed in a wheelbarrow. These situations are common across Africa.

Over 60% of the Sub-Saharan African population live in rural areas. Difficult terrain, unreliable access to maintenance, fuel and parts makes transport a huge barrier to accessing healthcare.

Two Wheels for Life (Two Wheels) ensures healthcare reaches poor and inaccessible communities across Africa in collaboration with on-the-ground delivery partner Riders for Health (Riders). Riders offers NGOs and governments an award-winning transport management system, providing well-managed motorcycles, ambulances and other vehicles. Together they ensure that over 42 million people can access live-saving healthcare, have doubled the time health workers spend in communities, reduced turnaround times for disease diagnosis, and been instrumental in the decline of maternal and infant mortality in the countries where they work.

Using mechanical technology combined with rigorous systems to improve access to healthcare has been the organisations’ focus for over 30 years. Now Two Wheels for Life are working with Riders to bring digital technology to their programmes to create a lifesaving transport for healthcare service fit for the 21st Century.