Diabetes UK

Over the last year, the finance team at Diabetes UK have overhauled the charity's approach to planning in order to support a new outcome-led strategy, engaged colleagues to develop and enact a plan for financial systems transformation and adapted ways of working and processes in light of Covid-19 with no interruption to service. They are tirelessly proactive, technically strong and always striving to clear the path for colleagues as they work to ensure that people with all types of diabetes can live well and receive the care, support and treatment they need.

Their performance is underpinned by a fantastic team environment and they are supportive, open and trusting of one another. They approach challenges collaboratively and with great generosity and humour to ensure that they deliver for the charity, but also support each other personally whether the issue is a disastrous lockdown haircut or something more serious. A weekly running club, team fundraising challenges and awards recognising development and expertise help to build understanding of different team roles and ensure that everyone's talents are recognised and celebrated.