Developing a progressive debt advice brand

StepChange Debt Charity

Last year marked the charity’s 30th year of supporting clients dealing with debt.

Debt is often thought of as a ‘no-go’ subject, but in 2023 we completed a large-scale project to reposition and develop our brand.

The results are a new brand world which prioritises inclusivity and positivity – that empowers people in debt and helps to fight stigma.

Our new brand launched in September 2023 with instant positive effects:

Within 6 months we saw our national unprompted brand awareness increase from 22% to 23% and our consideration increased from 12% to 12.9%.

Across the same period, our website visits have increased from 537k to 550k, and we saw the number of clients we advised increase by 10%.

It has helped us engage our people, supporting an 85% colleague engagement score (+7% on 2022).

And we have also seen donations from Creditors increase at a time when we no-longer receive any Government support.