Delight Charity

“It was one of my best experiences at school. I would love to do it again if I could.” Child

We are a leading arts education charity with a vision for every child to have equal opportunity to thrive during their school years and beyond. Our work addresses the issue that children from disadvantaged backgrounds face numerous challenges and inequalities in their lives creating a cycle of disadvantage that needs targeted intervention. Over the past 10 years, and in collaboration with a team of exceptional arts partners, we have developed a range of immersive and joyful arts programmes that has proven effective not only in developing children’s artistic skills, but for increasing wellbeing, pride, self-esteem, raising aspirations, building confidence, and improving learning engagement. Year-on-year evaluation demonstrates Delight’s success in helping children affected by disadvantage and / or with special educational needs and disabilities reach their full potential. “Thank you so much for playing a part in making little dreams come true!” Teacher