Deepanshi Kaur Gulati


I founded Rain On Me in 2018 after living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, OCD, PTSD and ADHD for over a decade and feeling isolated in my experience. In the form of free International and London peer support groups, Rain On Me provides a safe, confidential space for distressed adults aged 18-35 to build resilience and share their feelings without fear of judgment. We also offer befriending sessions for individuals who have severe social anxiety or don't feel ready to share in a group setting.

Our Aims: * To relieve the pressure on public health services such as the NHS by allowing individuals with mental health struggles to find support in a community-based initiative. * To build a safe space where people can vent their challenges and feel less alone and more understood. * To help minimise stigma and discrimination by normalising mental health struggles and empowering individuals to do good for themselves and others.