Dave Setters and Lee Millard

MND Association

We are submitting a joint nomination because the achievement of Dave and Lee in leading the community, researchers and 3 charities in a high-profile campaign which resulted in a government commitment of £50 Million investment in Motor Neurone Disease (MND) research.

Living with MND themselves, they understand the urgency to find successful treatments for this fast progressing and terminal disease. There have been significant developments in MND research in recent years, and careful coordination is now needed to convert these advances into a drive for treatments. Dave and Lee have channeled their sense of urgency to bring together key agencies and researchers around a shared vision of a targeted MND Research Institute that can enable collaboration and continuity of research focus. In November 2021 the campaign led to the announcement by the Prime Minister of a commitment of £50 Million dedicated to MND research. An astonishing result, in no small part attributable to the vision, collaboration and tenacity of Dave and Lee. I hope you can see why on this occasion it was not possible to nominate one of these heroes of the MND community without the other.