Daniel Parker

Veg Power

For 25 years Dan Parker worked in advertising specialising in the products of global food corporations. He had a bit of an epiphany realising that the ultra-processed food he was marketing wasn’t making the world a better place. So, he closed his ad agency and started Veg Power, a CIC dedicated to getting kids to eat more vegetables.

Five years later he has built an alliance of over 500 organisations contributing their resources, funds and time to create a truly impactful campaign. He has secured over £17m of donated advertising space, an a-list of celebrity support, a social media campaign which reached 72m, and one of the largest schools’ programmes reaching over 1 million children in 2022. Most importantly he has built a brilliant small team and supporting network of advisers. 77% of parents agree that their children ate more vegetables because of this programme. 53% who have taken part more than once before agree that it has made a positive and long term improvement to their children’s diet. Veg Power has been driven by a bold and unconventional advertising approach from a bold and unconventional CEO whose sheer energy, ambition and determination to succeed infects everyone he meets.