Daniel Larcey

Diabetes UK

As Diabetes UK's head of mass participation events, it's Dan Larcey's job to oversee both the charity's own events, and third-party events which involve Diabetes UK. Dan sits at the core of these events' operations. He overlooks registrations, and ensures all participating organisations have raised the relevant funding support to make each event they attend worthwhile. Manifesto has worked with Dan since Diabetes UK first started partnering with the agency four years ago, giving us first hand insight into his pivotal role within the charity to date. Not to mention his hand in driving Diabetes UK above and beyond its targets year-on-year. And even when his role changed dramatically last year in the wake of a crisis which scuppered the vast majority of 2020's events, Dan still managed to execute on his responsibilities. It saw Dan get even more creative, transforming old approaches to events into pandemic-friendly alternatives. He spearheaded Diabetes UK's status as one of the country's first charities to pivot its event strategy. The boldness paid off. Dan's team generated returns which beat pre-pandemic targets and kept vital donations flooding in.