Dan and Babs Izzett

The Leprosy Mission

Occasionally you meet someone whose life’s mission is to help others. Despite their own pain and disability, they are tireless in their quest to bring change. This is Dan and Bab’s Izzett, a dynamic couple who are a powerhouse of compassion and commitment for people affected by leprosy.

Dan and Babs have faced their own battle with leprosy. Dan has no feeling in his hands and feet, has an amputated leg, fingers and toes, and risks injury with every step he takes. Yet he and Babs travel the UK working tirelessly to raise awareness and funds for The Leprosy Mission. From radio and press interviews, to speaking engagements, to high profile appearances at The Lord Mayor’s Show, this couple go above and beyond to share the message that leprosy still exists. Their personal understanding of the disease means that they are passionate advocates of sharing the voice of people affected by leprosy. Such is their passion that they win hearts and minds whenever they speak. Dan and Babs are an inspiration to everyone. They are true partners in the work of The Leprosy Mission, both in terms of the team and the people we serve across Africa and Asia.