Curious PR & SongBird Survival - Cats & Cat Owners Research Campaign

Curious PR

Britain is a nation of birds and birdsong. We spend £250,000+ a year on bird food, yet few people know that 50% of our songbirds have disappeared in just 50 years. Covid-19 silenced air and road traffic - we heard birdsong like never before, which is proven to aid mental wellbeing by signalling 'absence of threat'.

SongBird Survival funds top quality scientific research into how we can reverse this alarming decline. Since 2019, Curious PR has raised awareness about this small, independent charity which 'stands up for the little birds'. On a very modest budget, we've achieved phenomenal global reach via imaginative campaigns carefully designed to engender a sense of responsibility towards our feathered friends, who act as our ‘canary in the coal mine’: a silent dawn chorus warns us we’re in big ecological trouble... Our strong record of translating science into meaningful messages was brought to the fore. Working with universities and experts, we've conveyed practical steps to support wildlife, specifically, small birds. Read how we turned what was potentially 'published papers gathering dust on a shelf' into major headlines around the world, thanks to our 'citizen science' approach, and our knowledge of what gets results - despite a modest budget.