Crisis Grant

Young Lives Cancer

In response to the cost-of-living crisis, we launched a crisis grant appeal and quickly implemented a new crisis grant in October 2022. The grant provided an additional £500,000 for young cancer patients and their families, in addition to our existing grants, to help with whatever hardship they were facing. The cost-of-living crisis has made paying for essentials such as heating a home, giving a child with cancer a warm coat or for putting petrol in the car to get to hospital for appointments or lifesaving treatment even tougher for service users, who were already struggling financially. This innovative provision was recognised as necessary and from that point on the momentum gained, and minds focused on fundraising to secure the acquisition of substantial additional funds, alongside the development of internal process to ensure the consistent assessment of need and attribution of monies. Staff from different teams within the charity combined, united in their commitment to children, young people and their families who are in need of crucial financial support whilst living with a cancer diagnosis.