Creating Natures Corridors

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Creating Nature’s Corridors was created to improve our planet for generations to come and its mission is to plant 10,000 trees and hedging plants per year.

Vhari Russell founded the charity as a lasting legacy to her brother who died aged 37 from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Vhari felt passionately that the country needs to take immediate action to address the growing loss of our natural landscape and the problems that this represents in terms of the negative impact on the environment and the detrimental effect, socially and emotionally, on local communities. Creating Nature’s Corridors is committed to communicating the advantages of spending time in the great outdoors and getting closer to nature - an experience which brings well documented lasting positive benefits to emotional health and wellbeing. "I am a firm believer in playing a part in leaving the planet in a better place than when I arrived on it and through the charity I really feel that I can help achieve that. During these times when mental health is such a priority I believe that we need to spend more time in nature. The fact is, as we help to heal it, it heals us." Vhari Russell.