Craig Jones

Royal Osteoporosis Society

When Craig joined ROS two days before the first lockdown, the pandemic presented an unprecedented set of challenges. A financial crisis came in the teeth of record demand on our support services from our elderly and vulnerable users.

Craig conducted a complete financial turnaround, selling our office and moving us to a better-connected city centre location. Under our modern, focused new strategy, this office sale enabled, with £1.7m investment in digital support services, research, campaigning and our first ever advertising campaign. His strategic vision re-orientated ROS as a campaigning charity, striving to put osteoporosis at the top of the public health agenda and keep it there. Early results included two impactful Parliamentary Inquiries and more mentions in both Houses in 2021 than the previous eight years combined. Craig has transformed the charity into a more digitally-enabled and innovative provider of support services. We’re on course to provide 400,000 pieces of support to the public in 2022 thanks to a digital transformation. Under Craig’s leadership, we’ve also seen higher employee engagement and record investment in employee development. Craig’s modernisation programme has made sure ROS can not only withstand a pandemic, but evolve into a formidable campaigning force on the national stage.