Cradle to Career - North Birkenhead

Steve Morgan Foundation, SHINE, Right to Succeed

Cradle to Career is an ambitious cross-sector partnership on an almost unprecedented scale uniting philanthropists, charities and public services to tackle disadvantage and inequality for children and young people in North Birkenhead, Wirral.

The partnership leading this project consists of three core collaborators: Steve Morgan Foundation - a major charitable foundation. SHINE - an education charity and grant giver. Right to Succeed - a charity specialising in place-based change approaches. The principle of Cradle to Career is collaborative working - bringing together Wirral Council, schools, services, professionals and residents under one vision that ‘Every Child in North Birkenhead thrives, from Cradle to Career’. It places local people at the heart of education, services and local decision-making with the aims of improving children’s literacy, giving vulnerable families responsive, accessible services, creating new opportunities for children and young people and improving the quality of life for all. 43 organisations have contributed to this collaboration with 3,527 children and young people engaged and benefitting and 1,494 adult residents, parents and carers engaged, supported and upskilled. The success of Cradle to Career has been the catalyst for a Liverpool City Region expansion using the practice, experience and insight to transform five other left-behind communities from 2023.