British Red Cross

The aim of the Corporate Partnerships team at the British Red Cross is to create and maintain meaningful, mission-aligned partnerships that maximise income and collaboration opportunities so that organisationally we can reach the most vulnerable people in society.

Over the last 12 months, despite being faced with uncertainty around Brexit and then an unprecedented global pandemic, the team achieved an astonishing 540% increase from 2019, and an uplift of over 1600% and an ROI of 77:1 in 2020 alone.

The level of funds raised combined with collaborative and essential gift-in-kind support of partners meant that not only could we keep our vital 'business as usual' services running to reach those hit hardest by the pandemic, but it also directly led to BRC's new Hardship Fund which will help 13,000 households, an enhanced support line, more people being able to get home from hospital, allowing people in vulnerable situations to stay connected, and food and hygiene products to be delivered to those who were isolated.

The outpouring of kindness from new and existing partners could only be led and realised by the sheer determination, commitment and creativity shown individually and collectively by the team.