CoppaFeel! x Black Women Rising; The Chest Checklist


CoppaFeel! is the UK's only youth focused breast cancer awareness charity. CoppaFeel!’s Chest Checklist campaign was launched in collaboration with Black Women Rising; the cancer support project for people of colour, and creative agency, Fold 7.

Insights highlighted that 96% of Black women who have experienced breast cancer do not feel represented in the media or chest checking resources, and Black Caribbean women and African women are likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer at later stages. This is attributed to systemic failures and health inequities leading to symptoms going undetected.

The Chest Checklist is a six step guide on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, devised by tapping into routine and self-care moments that would encourage chest checks as a regular, body positive experience. Set to Jorja Smith’s ‘Little Things’, and directed by award winning director Tajana Tokyo, it was designed to resonate with younger audiences.

Tokyo’s directing style is heavily influenced by her professional dance career, having previously worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Janelle Monae. This love of dance is evident in the CoppaFeel! x Black Women Rising campaign which integrates choreography, storytelling, cultural cues and vibrant music into the piece.