Connect For Life

Connect For Life (CFL) is a “unique, volunteer led and volunteer run local charity, providing high quality, community based, specialist day support for older people living with dementia and undiagnosed memory loss”. CFL was founded in response to our Coordinator’s persistent sense of calling to set up local quality day care in Oswestry. In her NHS career, she witnessed poor, unstimulating, boring day care for older people with dementia, and tired, stressed carers. 

This fuelled the dream to provide something better. Growing 10 fold since 2016, CFL is now a respected community asset with a great track record. “(CFL) volunteers are very special…incredible energy, creativity, patient, caring knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging involvement and interaction…I feel very relaxed and confident leaving mum…safe in the knowledge … mum is safe and well cared for” (Carer) We provide a welcoming caring, fun, stimulating specialist day support service, aiming to increase people’s self-esteem and sense of wellbeing. 

We also provide desperately needed carer respite. Many statutory/voluntary agencies closed during the pandemic. CFL regrouped, deploying volunteers virtually, delivering: •Activity/Cheer Up Packs – (cards/letters/flowers/meals/treats) •Phone calls - CFL Buddies It’s time for CFL to shine, affirm our volunteers, and hopefully inspire others to dare to act on their dreams.