Community Regeneration Programme

The Community Impact Initiative CIC

The Community Impact Initiative CIC is a not-for-profit organisation supporting disadvantaged people to improve their skills, confidence and wellbeing. We deliver a range of projects across South Wales, all with the aim of improving the lives of disadvantaged people in our local communities whether that be through training and education, housing or employment support. Since we started in 2016, our organisation has helped over 200 people to better their circumstances.

Over recent years, we have developed our core programme of community regeneration projects, which act both as a form of community support and a source of commercial income. Every six months, we identify a community that needs our support and purchase a disused property in the neighbourhood. We then use the renovation process to support community members to gain life-changing skills and qualifications, helping them on the path toward employment. The property is then sold as affordable housing, helping to tackle the Welsh housing crisis and the profits are reinvested into the next house, continuing the cycle of community growth. Our model is unique to Wales and sustainable in nature.