Comic Relief x TikTok

Comic Relief

TikTok’s mission to inspire creativity and bring joy met with Comic Relief’s goal to drive positive change through the power of entertainment to create one incredible fundraising campaign.

We ran a 6 week long, TikTok LIVE campaign which saw the creation of 6 custom made, limited edition virtual gifts for the TikTok community to send during LIVES, which helped raise money for Comic Relief. In order to raise awareness, engage the TikTok community and support gifting, we collaborated with influencers and creators throughout the campaign which included a week long in-app creator competition.

For the first time ever, we gave the public access to behind the scenes fun of being backstage at a Comic Relief live event. We went LIVE backstage at the Red Nose Day Comedy Gala and for the first time ever during the BBC1 show on Red Nose Day. Not only that, we also held our first ever TikTok LIVE Red Nose Day Challenge.

We engaged the TikTok community, and they responded by sending over 11 million Red Nose Day gifts and helping TikTok raise over half a million pounds for Comic Relief – the largest amount of money raised by a TikTok charity gifting partnership.