Chris Sherwood


Chris Sherwood is an authentic and visionary leader who has lead a transformational change at the RSPCA - a 200 year old institution. From governance to finance, operations to brand, culture to strategy; Chris has led a programme of significant change, taking the organisation from a troubled and difficult time, into a new era of impact and ambition.

Chris's leadership style means that whilst doing this he has also led change across the charity sector, being a significant part of the rise of authentic leadership, speaking out on issues of equality and diversity, and challenging the use of the civil society sector as a 'political football'.

Chris has a number of other roles as a Chair, Trustee or Board member, and in doing so he contributes to the sector as a whole. He is a truly inspiring leader and one who makes difficult decisions fairly, champions the under dog and remains focussed on our mission of a better world for every animal.