Internet Watch Foundation

The IWF exists on the front lines of the fight against child sexual abuse imagery online. Chris joined our team in 2012 as our Hotline Manager, quietly taking on one of the hardest jobs in the world. Every day, Chris diligently reviews countless images and videos of children suffering sexual abuse for removal, whilst recruiting, training, and leading a dedicated team of analysts.

In the eight years Chris has been at the helm, the IWF has cemented itself as one of the most effective Hotlines in the world. The capacity of our team has grown tenfold: in 2012, our analyst assessed 39,211 webpages suspected to contain this imagery, in 2019, they assessed 260,426. In 2014, Chris oversaw a considerable change in working practices when we expanded to proactively search for content. Since 2012, the IWF has empowered almost 2 billion people to report suspected imagery, launching 35 reporting portals in 4 continents that link directly to our analysts in Cambridge. Chris oversees the team receiving these global reports.

Chris has achieved all of this without ever compromising the welfare of his team. He works tirelessly to not only protect the victims of this abuse, but those fighting to eradicate it.