Changing Lives

Shared Interest Foundation

Shared Interest Foundation provides training and business support to small-scale producer groups in Africa and Latin America. Together with in-country partners, we deliver projects in these rural and disadvantaged communities. We believe everyone has the right to provide for themselves and their families. We aim to improve household resilience by helping businesses grow - increasing incomes and employment opportunities. By building business support networks, we also encourage farming and handcraft co-operatives to collaborate. This helps organisations to share the knowledge needed to diversify and break into new markets. Thanks to donors, trusts, and grant-giving bodies, last year we delivered seven projects across six countries. These projects enabled people to learn new skills in cocoa farming, beekeeping, and wastewater management. They also included the relaunch of our Livelihood Security Fund in direct response to the pandemic. We know that these vulnerable communities continue to face many challenges, including the implications of climate change and the devastating impact of Covid-19. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Climate Smart Agriculture have become prevalent aspects of our support. This year, we are working with cocoa farmers in Rwanda and Côte d’Ivoire, basket weavers in Northern Ghana, sesame farmers in Nicaragua and coffee farmers in Peru.