Centrepoint Health & Wellbeing Team


Centrepoint Health & Wellbeing Team Designed by young people for young people Centrepoint health programmes offer bespoke solutions that address the complexities of homelessness and empower young people aged 16-25 to harness their full potential through good health. The distinct nature of the teams work draws on expertise from a range of clinical professionals, including Dieticians, Psychotherapists, Mental Health Practitioners, Domestic Abuse Advisors and Substance Use Practitioners to create an in-house team across our hostel accomodation in London, Yorkshire & Manchester. Over the last 5 years we have crafted an offer that differs in nature and delivery to mainstream services by merging five different disciplines that fast tracks young people into much needed support. The teams innovation lies in its ability to support young people with complex needs who would otherwise struggle to engage due to complex health systems, long waiting times and limited appointments. Centrepoint young people are disproportionately affected by poor physical and mental health, 55% of young people report a mental health issue, a third of our population have a formal diagnosis and 70% have experienced food poverty. It is for this very reason that Centrepoint's health team provides a crucial access route into support.