Cell Street Repeat at Christmas


Every month, including over Christmas, hundreds of people will be released from prison homeless. Two thirds are likely to reoffend within a year – a cycle of 'Cell Street Repeat'. Without a home to go to after being released, it is virtually impossible to maintain or start drug rehabilitation, get a job, build back positive relationships, integrate and contribute positively to society. Reoffending affects all of us. Giving all prison leavers a guaranteed place to stay when released is the first step towards a fair chance, otherwise they're being set up to fail. The cost of housing people coming out of prison is eclipsed by the cost of reoffending. It makes practical, financial sense. Ending homelessness is possible. Nacro is thrilled to announce that shortly after our video’s release and months of our #CellStreetRepeat campaigning, the Government released a Prisons Strategy White Paper promising to improve the lives of people potentially leaving prison homeless. They have now committed to providing temporary accommodation for ALL prison leavers at risk of homelessness. Nacro now urge the Government to include a timetable for the plan and ensure the provision of move on options and flexible support for those who need it.