Cats Protection: Lifeline for Ava and Mr Biggles

Cats Protection, JAA and lukecharles

People facing domestic abuse face an agonising choice. Stay with their abuser or flee, often without their beloved pet. Cats Protection’s Lifeline service offers a solution by providing temporary fostering for cats from families fleeing domestic abuse until they can be safely reunited.

The Lifeline campaign, developed in partnership with creative agency, lukecharles, aimed to highlight this crucial yet little-known service, fundraise for its expansion, and recruit more fosterers. Launched alongside a new brand identity, the campaign also aimed to bring recognition to new distinctive brand assets as quickly as possible.

Our goals were clear: reach 65% of UK adults, broaden Cats Protection’s appeal by increasing awareness of services beyond rehoming, achieve 30% recognition of the new logo, and triple fosterer applications.

The results exceeded expectations: the campaign reached 68% of UK adults, achieved 45% logo recognition within two months, and increased fosterer applications by 592%. Engagement from younger, affluent audiences was significant, with digital fundraising 3.8 times more likely from the 18-30 age group. The campaign raised nearly £600,000, ensuring a smooth transition to the new brand while securing both immediate and long-term benefits for Cats Protection.