Catalyst Kitchen

The Larder West Lothian

When the pandemic hit in April 2020, like many Social Enterprise’s, The Larder was forced to pivot their services to ensure they could continue to support those in need; and to do this we needed volunteers. Our food insecurity project, Catalyst Kitchen, which once provided in-person dining experiences, redesigned to the provision of freshly cooked ready meals delivered to the doors of beneficiaries and community pantries, by a fleet of supportive volunteers. Our volunteers have gone over and above to help people in our communities by delivering meals that have been a lifeline to many. The Catalyst Kitchen team have been dependable, enthusiastic and have become a weekly support in our beneficiaries’ lives, many of whom only see that one volunteer in a week. They have made a real difference and lasting impression to, not only each and every beneficiary but, to our community and to The Larder as a whole. It is because of their hard work, determination and continued selflessness that we believe our Catalyst Kitchen team of volunteers deserve this award. To our volunteers, from The Larder; without you, The Larder would simply not be.