Building Heroes Vistry Group Skills Academies

Building Heroes Education Foundation

The partnership between Building Heroes and Vistry Group, initiated in 2023, exemplifies a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at facilitating the transition of Armed Forces personnel into civilian careers within the construction industry. This alliance focuses on addressing the skills gap in construction while supporting veteran employment and training. With two dedicated training academies, the partnership offers accelerated, hands-on training, resulting in a 99% completion rate and 73% of graduates transitioning into employment or further education.

Vistry Group’s contribution extends beyond financial, incorporating in-depth engagement through their Social Value and Communications teams, and integration of their extensive supply chain. This involvement enhances the training programme and fosters a richer learning environment, thus strengthening Building Heroes' operations and extending its reach across the construction industry.

Notably, the partnership has supported a 72% increase in applications from veterans at Vistry Group, highlighting its success in promoting diversity and supporting Vistry as a 'Forces friendly' employer. Each veteran supported generates up to £21,000 in social value, emphasizing the significant societal impact of this collaboration.

This partnership not only meets its intended goals but also sets a sustainable, replicable model for future growth, marking it as a standout candidate for Corporate Partnership of the Year.