Building connections with isolated blind veterans

Blind Veterans UK

Blind Veterans UK believe every blind veteran should be able to lead the life they choose. Going blind isn’t just a loss of sight, it’s a loss of belonging. But the power of belonging to something provides the confidence to be able to recover. The aim of the campaign was to build awareness of the needs of blind veterans of any age and with this message encourage both donations and to sign up to find out more about us. A key issue over the pandemic, which was intensified in key periods, was isolation. We used the campaign to show how we have been combating this through finding new ways to connect our veterans. The paid Facebook campaign ran in three stages to raise awareness of the issue, drive donations, and drive leads for the charity to utilise in future campaigns. We were keen to use email sign-up as a tool for supporters to connect with our blind veterans. So not only did they have the opportunity to sign up to our email updates, they could also choose to leave a message to a veteran, which proved very successful and allowed for a greater connection between supporter and beneficiary.