British Red Cross

The Covid-19 crisis has seen the British Red Cross respond in the UK on a scale not seen since the Second World War. As the comms team (comprising media, social media, content creation, marketing and internal communication) we have had the challenge of our lives too. By launching our Kindness will Keep us Together campaign, we have enabled the British Red Cross to raise £24m+, recruit nearly 80,000 volunteers, secure nearly 7000 pieces of media coverage and provide health and wellbeing information across our channels

We have promoted the launch of new services including a hardship fund and a national support line to make sure some of the most vulnerable people in the UK had somewhere to turn during lockdown. We've co-produced merchandise with designers at breakneck speed and turned round DRTV ads from scratch in a week. We thrive in a crisis but this has been a challenging time, storytelling about complex needs and finding ways to safely gather and share content.

Yet, every day the team came to work with new ideas, arriving on Zoom every morning with a smile and an enthusiasm to have a positive impact on the lives of the UK's most vulnerable people.