The Brain Tumour Charity

For those with a brain tumour, progress has not been quick enough. Clinicians and researchers have long struggled to access the data they need to assess outcomes, develop better practice and, critically, initiate new research. Similarly, patients and carers can't get the information they desperately need to make decisions about their own care. As a result, treatments have barely changed in fifty years and brain tumours remain the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40.

BRIAN (Brain tumouR Information and Analysis Network) is The Brain Tumour Charity's pioneering tech solution that is changing these outcomes. Addressing the problems face-on, BRIAN combines national health datasets with patient-reported information to provide, for the first time, a single data-rich hub that drives patient, clinical and research decision-making. Over 1,400 patients and professionals are already using the accessible BRIAN app to benefit from the consolidated insight that is now available to them.