Breathing life back in to our ocean: redefining our brand

Marine Conservation Society

There is an ocean emergency, with pollution, over-fishing and habitat destruction threatening our ocean. While our nfp synergy reports show 57% of the UK population are very or highly concerned about this – our own brand (verbal and visual) didn’t do enough to highlight the issue. We looked nice – but not sharp enough to tackle a devastating problem. We therefore undertook a complete brand refresh to showcase our aim of breathing life back in to the ocean. This work covered our verbal as well as visual identity – resulting in redefined and sharpened representation to help us move forward and tackle the ocean emergency. Our new brand works online, on the beach and everywhere in between: with animated logos bringing the feel of the sea wherever people are based, to a fresh new look for our volunteers kit, and a clearer, bolder tone of voice to inspire people to join us and take action. This is all underpinned by refreshed values, colours, fonts, illustrations and graphic elements working together to showcase our fight for a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean: one we can all enjoy.