Breaking the cycle of generational food poverty

Humans MCR

Humans MCR are a small charity with a big goal of ending hunger in Greater Manchester and beyond. Our wraparound service supports clients from the point of crisis to the moment when they are able to sustain themselves on their own. Our hope is that the cycle will be broken, and their children are not destined to a life of poverty, as is often the case when clients are living with multiple points of deprivation.

We provide a wraparound service in order to help clients in a way that works for them. Any and all of our projects are open to our clients – who usually present to us initially when they have exhausted all options and need to use our Foodbank on-wheels. They then work with our Client Advisor in order to forge a path out of food poverty through our multiple projects; Community Grocers on-wheels, Learn with Humans MCR, Nobody Hungry at Christmas and extensive signposting to other organisations who complement what we do. In the three years we have existed, we have supported 20,723 clients in this way.