Borough Market

As a charitable trust, Borough Market's community commitment is to promote a responsible, sustainable approach to food production and consumption. The Market´┐Żs partnership with charity Plan Zheroes aims to tackle two of society's biggest current issues: food poverty and food waste.

The initiative involves over 40 Plan Zheroes' volunteers and 44 traders from Borough Market, and sees produce from traders collected twice a week and distributed to 30 local London charities, via electric bikes.

Borough Market traders and tenants are encouraged to do what they can to plan effectively and store food appropriately but footfall at the market, the weather and individual shopping habits are never entirely predictable meaning that a level of surplus is inevitable. To ensure that this gets to as many charities as possible and in the freshest possible state, Borough Market hopes to increase Plan Zheroes' collections from traders from two to three times a week later this year.

To date, Plan Zheroes has made 377 collections from the Market, saving 74,052 kg of surplus food from being wasted, amounting to 148,104 meals for those in need.