BoB's Big Brew

Band of Builders

Band of Builders (BoB) was born in 2016 when its founder took to social media to ask for help renovating the home of close friend and colleague Keith Ellick – who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The incredible response from tradespeople across the UK saw the project completed and demonstrated what can be achieved when the industry stands together.

It has grown to become a registered charity that completes practical projects to help members of the UK construction industry who are battling illness or injury. For each project, volunteers come together to help their fellow tradespeople through renovations or repairs that make a real difference to their lives. BoB has an active community of nearly 50,000 tradespeople and supporters. In November 2022, it reached the milestone of delivering £1m worth of projects – based on the equivalent cost of labour and materials. The BBC One Show is set to cover a project this summer. The charity also organises the Big Brew, an annual event to raise awareness of the mental health crisis in the construction industry – where the suicide rate is estimated to be as high as two people every day – and has launched a mental health support service.