Bite Back - The Rebrand

Bite Back and Wolff Olins

As Bite Back 2030 transitioned from its infancy, it required a brand that mirrored the punchy, young, and witty personality of our youth-led movement and activists.

To achieve this, we partnered with Wolff Olins, embarking on a transformative journey to redefine our brand.

Understanding our unique approach to system change, Wolff Olins immersed themselves in the mindsets of our young activists. Together, we reimagined the Bite Back brand, dropping the "2030" and unveiling a dynamic new identity.

The rebrand introduced vibrant colours, dynamic logos, engaging icons, and a bold tone of voice, transforming every element of our brand and communications. This new identity not only resonates with our young activists but also empowers them, ensuring they feel represented and proud. Our refreshed brand now effectively reflects our mission, cuts through the noise of junk food advertising, and challenges the systemic issues affecting child health.

This rebrand marks a significant milestone, enhancing our ability to mobilise and inspire thousands of young campaigners. It strengthens our voice in critical debates, ensuring our message is not only heard but also acted upon. Bite Back is now more equipped than ever to fight for a healthier future for all children.