Bikeability Fleet Cycle Project

The Bikeability Trust

The Bikeability Trust identified that one of the barriers for children learning to ride a cycle was the lack of access to a well maintained cycle. Following a Bikeability project in 2002 which aimed to increase participation in cycling, we had evidence that those that had access to fleet cycles saw an significant uptake in Bikeability training.

Research shows that 37% of children do not own a cycle, a statistic that can only get be getting worse with the cost of living crisis. The Bikeability Trust wanted to ensure as many children as possible had access to a cycle to complete their cycle training. Using funding from Department of Transport, the Trust purchased 1,124 cycles for Bikeability trainers to use as fleet cycles, taking them out to schools and communities for children to learn to ride. This has resulted in the cycles being used over16,000 times with at least that many children being able to start their cycling journey, not just learning this life skill but helping to build a cycling culture in schools and communities.