BFBS Creative – Cross Government response to Russia/Ukraine

BFBS Creative

In response to the Kremlin’s disinformation campaign preceding and during the Ukraine invasion, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) sought a groundbreaking communications strategy. This involved rapidly declassifying top-secret intelligence to expose Putin’s falsehoods. BFBS Creative was engaged for strategic communications support, requiring high-level clearance. Within 24 hours of the request, our team received a Top Secret briefing at MOD HQ.

Since then, we have embedded experts within the Defence Digital Communications (DDC) team, establishing processes to identify disinformation trends, declassify intelligence, and produce relevant content. This collaboration has led to the creation of the documentary series 'Britain x Ukraine | Access All Areas on Operation INTERFLEX,' showcasing the efforts to train and equip Ukrainian forces.

Our reputation with the MOD led the National Security Communications Team, part of the National Security Secretariat in the Cabinet Office, to seek our expertise. We now assist in managing and delivering communication campaigns supporting the cross-government Rus-Ukraine Communications Strategy. Our work continues to highlight the tireless efforts of those defending Ukraine and the critical role of strategic communication in countering disinformation.