Not enough people are aware of Child Sexual Abuse.

Many don't see it as an issue that applies to them,

Or to the children they know and care for.

Many people don't understand what Barnardo's does in this space.

And are unaware of our specialist CSA services,

When as many as 1 in 6 British children experience abuse in some form.

Abuse can happen to any child, from any community.

And child abusers can be anyone, from anywhere.

But the stereotypes were proving hard to shake off.

So we brought in a CGI Komodo dragon �

To give a difficult topic a dramatically new perspective.

Komodo focuses on what a child goes through.

It spotlights their terror and the danger they're in.

Observes how powerless and isolated they become.

Reminds us just how subtle grooming can be.

And shows us how, with the right support, children can start to recover.

Its shown the vital role Barnardos plays in so many children's lives.

Its drawn people into a topic they'd never normally engage with.

And it's translated into 660,000 new potential donors.

Introducing new areas of our work to many,

and opening up vital conversation, so more children can stay safe.