Believe in Me campaign


Barnardo’s is the UK’s oldest and largest children’s charity. Although the brand has high awareness, not enough people understand what we do or would consider donating to us. Believe in Me aimed to improve understanding of our cause and increase consideration to donate by exploring the personal journeys of three children, using case studies from our services, whilst highlighting our crucial role. The adverts use CGI animals to convey how the children are feeling in that moment. The decision to use CGI in a disruptive way was also supported by the need to show Barnardo’s as a modern charity and stand out amongst other charity advertising. Our aims were to create a wider understanding of mental health, Child Sexual Abuse, loss & grief and our specialist services amongst target audiences, before directing them towards practical advice and myth-busting facts. We launched a series of integrated TV, digital marketing, media and content campaigns which resulted in sustained growth across all KPIs, with Consideration to Give increasing from 20% to 23%.