British Red Cross

Since 2016 the British Red Cross (BRC) and Aviva have been powering a movement of action and preparation to build communities' resilience. Since our partnership began, Aviva has dedicated its resources, money, skills and influence to deliver our mission of building safer, stronger communities, together. Never has this been more important, than during this global pandemic. Together, we rose to the occasion and supported and mobilised response efforts in the UK and beyond.

Aviva has donated over £12.5M to the Red Cross movement, across 18 resilience-building projects and 14 emergency appeals. This includes a £10M donation to support BRC's coronavirus response, used to help establish a UK Hardship Fund distributing emergency cash to those experiencing a financial crisis, and mobilise emergency responders globally.

More than 3,400 Aviva employees volunteered time and expertise, including developing BRC's first aid education platform and putting at-risk communities on the map, empowering a person-centred response for both their customer-facing colleagues and BRC's frontline volunteers. We've also raised awareness through joint campaigns including raising awareness of our community reserve volunteer programme to mobilise people in response to Covid, recruiting nearly 80,000 new volunteers.

This depth of support has helped both organisations to grow, adapt and enhance our provision for the people we serve.