Angela Hartnett

Action Against Hunger UK

For over 10 years, the much-loved chef and restaurateur, Angela Hartnett OBE has been a supporter of Action Against Hunger’s work to tackle life-threatening hunger worldwide. As someone who dedicates her life to food, Angela has shown both a passion for, and relentless commitment to, our cause.

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, the hospitality sector has faced serious challenges. During lockdown, restaurants were shut down, many even went out of business. Once they finally got through this difficult time, restaurants are now having to contend with increasing food and fuel prices. Despite these challenges, Angela has not only continued to support Action Against Hunger, but has also encouraged other chefs to do so, thus allowing us to reach more children faced with life-threatening hunger. In the past 12 months, Angela has organised fundraising events to raise funds for the charity; carried out campaign actions to help us achieve change; and helped us to communicate our messaging, thus allowing us to reach new audiences. As well as her individual efforts, Angela has engaged her colleagues and fellow foodies to support Action Against Hunger, making us the international charity of choice for many in the hospitality sector.