An Alzheimer’s Society International: Football Should Be Unforgettable

Alzheimer's Society

We took over first 2022 England International to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s Society/its support, unifying all activity around ‘Football should be unforgettable’ theme, to engage traditionally more disengaged audiences: men/younger people. Creative approach centred around an incredibly successful stunt: the England team returned after half-time with their ‘unforgettable’ names removed from shirts, highlighting dementia stealing precious sporting memories from fans. Accompanied by an emotive film, featuring unforgettable historic footballing moments, this created a huge buzz among cold audiences, cutting through the usually football-focused noise with impact. Alongside sustained pre-match coverage and in-stadium activations, all with a call to discover more about Alzheimer’s Society support, the impact was clear: raising spontaneous awareness, 50% both match attendees and TV audience more aware of Society’s work; 64% increase in website visits including 15% increase in men specifically, and 460m coverage reach.

Edleen John, The FA’s InternationalRelations/CorporateAffairs Director: “A first-class example of how our charity partners can harness the power of football to drive engagement and have a tangible impact. Alzheimer’s Society took its charity partnership with us to a whole new level, putting forward creativity, innovation and they really understood how to engage with our millions of fans…a privilege to work with them.”