Alive with Hope

Hope and Homes for Children

At Hope and Homes for Children, we close orphanages.

Child protection is complex. Our stakeholder groups are complex. Our work is complex. But our messaging needn’t be. And to succeed, it can’t be. The stakes are too high to fail, to lose the message that most people still don’t know: orphanages harm children. That’s why in early 2022, after eight months of hard work, we stopped looking like an investment bank. Instead, we put our mouth where our money is, and brought the brand right back into line with our values - looking and feeling: - Unapologetic - Deeply Human - Alive with Hope The new brand packs a big punch, thanks to engaging global agencies like eatbigfish, Huddle Creative and Hall & Partners to wrap their support around us. Most worked pro or ‘low’ bono in the truest collaboration, bringing in the whole project for just £14,088, because they believe this mission is winnable too. We know we'll achieve our goals sooner – we’ve gained more support, more funds since rebranding, and we’ve cut through the noise so that people hear our message – now that our brand speaks from the heart of who we are as an organisation.