A new name - a new future

Held In Our Hearts

We are a small baby loss charity and wanted to rebrand and rename for a number of reasons. We had an acronym of SANDS Lothians previously which stood for Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society and the name limited us to a location and also to a certain gestation of loss. Or at least this is how it would appear to anyone who didn't know us. Many families whose young child had died didn't think they could receive support from us as the name would imply it was only for stillbirth and neonatal loss. Our rebranding and renaming to Held In Our Hearts has meant we have been able to reach out to more bereaved families and those whose baby has died over the neonatal period. We have also been able to support more families in other areas of Scotland. Our new name says more about the love the families have for their baby and our values of empathy, connection and love speaks about the connection the families have with ourselves and also their child.